Tuesday, December 19, 2006

American Taliban 2 - Back in Court

Seattle native James Ujaama is in federal custody, being transferred back home to Seattle to face the court after violating his probation by being found ( and arrested ) in the nation of Belize. After serving two years in prison and agreeing to help with terrorism investigations upon release, this new arrest is bad news for Ujaama, but probably good news for the other 300 million Americans.

For further reading: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/6420AP_Taliban_Ujaama.html

Monday, December 18, 2006

Power to come on by tomorrow morning?

Most of the city itself has had power restored, but according to the PI tomorrow at midnight
the rest of the grid will come online.

Severe weather - even for Seattle

At this point 14 people have died from the worst wind-storm we've had in a decade. Extremely high winds - up to 80 mph took the power out for most of Seattle and surrounding areas - and it's been COLD.

The story is even being carried in The Guardian in England.

"Photo Guy" builds learning software ("Exif Harvester")

It's no secret I've been a long-time fan of Photo Guy; I've never been able to take a good picture to save my life, so I jealously leave that to the experts. Kind of like pianos and women.

Mr Croce has impressed me again, this time with a piece of camera learning software. I borrowed my daughter's camera, had her show me how to use it. She used the "build a web page" option, and then showed me how the math ( aperture, shutter speed, "iso" ) relate to the pictures. The blurry photos are the ones where the shutter speed is less than the "focal length" or how far you zoomed in.

Impressive. With enough time, I could understand this stuff. Everybody should try Exif Harvester Learning Software.

Seattle sure does love sports!

Why is it that whenever I check Google News and do a search for Seattle the top five results - at least - are sports related?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Seattle Area Updates to Wikipedia

Wiki wiki!! Wikipedia is my favorite software, web site, and knowledge base rolled into one. It's the constantly evolving and growing brain of all of humanity.

So it's good to see that Seattle hasn't missed out on this phenominon, this way to show the world what it's about. In this spirit, I'd like to share some of the positive changes I've noticed to Wikipedia's coverage of the Puget Sound area:


Monday, August 07, 2006

FTP Upload Software

I discovered some VERY interesting software on one of my favorite local artist's web page:


I just installed it, and will use the software to publish this post, as a test. If this makes it onto my blog, we'll know it works.